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                誠信為本:公司前身為市公激情隨時有路局公路設施材料廠,2005年開︻始從事高速公路護欄等交通安全設 呼施相關產品的設計、生產、銷售、施√工等業務。公司專業生產波形梁鋼護欄,立柱,防阻塊,防眩板,螺栓螺母,纜索護欄和配套而不是至剛至陽產品。
                崔經理 18563500188
                崔經理 18366499997
                公司簡介 about us
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                公司有嚴格的質量管理體系,先進的檢☆測設備,產品均獲得〖交通部檢測中心檢驗報告及合格證書。 並且公司一直致力於交通設施』的研制,產品性能已成為本行業中的佼佼者。
                我們多年來一直堅【持以 “客戶至上,薄利多銷,誠信贏」天下”的經營欲要與決一死戰理念為原則,真誠▆服務於社會 ,顧客ㄨ滿意是我們不懈的追求,堅持創新和改進是企業永恒№的主題 ,企業的生命和產品質量共存!歡迎新老客戶前來咨詢洽談! 公司殘影里面說不定就有一個是真將持之以恒,誠卐信發展之精神,期待與您攜手合作,為高速公路的建設事業共創輝煌!




                   Shandong Dehao Traffic Facility Co.,Ltd which is located in Guanxian Industry Zone,Shandong Province,which is near to expressway exit,convenient transportation.With a registered capital of RMB 51 million, our company covers an area of more than 65,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees and has foreigh trade license .Our company was certified to ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System and ISO14001 environment test ,and was awarded Guan County Key Large Enterprise, “Advanced Private Enterprise” by Guan County People’s Government in three successive years, and Designated Supplier by the Ministry of Communications.




                Our company was formerly the road facilities materials factory of the municipal highway bureau.Since 2005, we have been engaged in the design, production, sales and construction of highway guardrails and related products of traffic safety facilities.We specialize in producing W-beam steel guardrail,steel post,spacer blocks,anti-dazzle board,bolts and nuts,cable guardrail and accessory products.


                The company has been committed to study and development of traffic safety facilities,and the quality and performance of products have become to the leader in this industry.Our company owns a strict quality management system and advanced inspection equipment and our products have obtained inspection report and certificate of qualification of the inspection of the Ministry of Communications.The company has 6 senior engineers,15 assistant engineers and 30 professional technicians.There are 4 W-beam guardrail plate cold rolled forming lines,2 hot dip galvanizing production lines,2 electrostatic spraying lines.Now our annual yields of galvanized and spraying W-beam guardrails are over 120,000 tons and matched spare parts 600,000 sets and It can be used for 6000 KM highway.


                 We always adhere to the business philosophy of "Quality fist customer first, Sustained development and environment protection,Good morality and credibility win the world" and serve the society sincerely.We insist on continuous innovation and improvement, and regard product quality as life ! Welcome customers and friends to visit us and negotiate business. We look forward to working with you and developing together !